About the NINJA SHOW

Our show deliveres an authentic NINJA performance with the use of actual weapons such as a Japanese sword. Every NINJA show is also verbally explained to the audience.
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in Malaysia

We held the NINJA SHOW in September 2014.



The latest news

August 23th 2016(Tokyo・Asakusa Hanayashiki)


Past events

June 12th 2016(Tokyo・Odaiba/Aomi/Ariake NINJA TOWN)

May 26th 2016(Mie・Ise)※G7 Ise-Shima summit

April 10-11 2016(Tokyo・Asakusa Hanayashiki)

March 26-27 2016(Tokyo・Asakusa Hanayashiki)

January 30-31 2016(Tokyo・Asakusa Hanayashiki)

December 22-23 2015(Tokyo・Asakusa Hanayashiki)

November 12-13 2015(Tokyo・Asakusa Hanayashiki)

October 22-23 2015(Tokyo・Asakusa Hanayashiki)

September 27-29 2015(Tokyo・Asakusa Hanayashiki)

August 9-11 2015(Tokyo・Asakusa Hanayashiki)

July 2015(Brazil・Sao Paulo)

June 25th-July 4th 2015(Milan ITARY)

May 24th 2015(Vladivostok / Russian)

April 30th-March 5th 2015 (Iga JAPAN)

November 22-24 2014 (Tokyo / Ueno Onshi Park)

September 12-14 2014 (Malaysia / AEON)

September 1-5 2014 (Mie / Iga-ryū Ninja Museum)


Please feel free to make inquiries regarding inviting our NINJA SHOW via the following inquiry form or the phone.