What is the IGA NINJA ?

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IGA NINJA used to be active and based in current Iga-city, Mie Pref. from the Kamakura Period to the Edo Period. It is known that they would farm or peddle to collect intelligence in various places. Once called in they head over to the war fronts or the rear of the battlefields to engage in espionage.
The IGA NINJA "RAIFUJIN" are the performance group specializing in the IGA style of Ninja art with authentic weapons.
With the purpose of introducing the skills of IGA NINJA in Tokyo, "The IGA NINJA RAIFUJIN - TOKYO Branch" has been organized.


General Director

Toshiro Takuma

Born on September 15th, 1985. He trains young Ninjas with the most sophisticated techniques that he improved from the original IGA NINJUTSU. He is a genuine Ninja who attracts attention from overseas media and also known as a blood relative of TAK SAKAGUCHI.


Kanzo Ukita

Hanzo Ukita, head of the IGA NINJA clan has been highly acclaimed for his physical aptitude and impressive NINJUTSU repertoire both domestically and internationally.He has also given performances in Hawaii, Hong Kong, Thailand and others.